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An unexpected marriage where the accordion, now a sound generator, blends with the frequencies of the machines.

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TRIGG (Extrait)

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AQUARIUM (Extrait)

CLAIRE BERGERAULT : accordion, voice, flute

c_c (ÉDOUARD RIBOUILLAULT) : electronics


CÉCILE TREHU : accordion


AYMIE ZAHRA : accordion

LAURENT SAVATIER : sound engineering

Musette Fort is the name of a specific tuning for the accordion, which is characterized by a consistent shift of frequencies associated with a very strong vibrato.

In other words, it is the most out-of-tune and powerful tuning of this instrument. 


This disjointedness is one of the components of Musette Fort's musical offering. There is a shift of frequencies between the different instruments, between the electronics and the accordions, but also an aesthetic shift of this ghostly yet popular instrument that is the accordion, that we find coupled with electronic music. 


This project comes from my recurrent desire to bring the accordion to places where it is not expected.


“While respecting its history, yet propelling it into a contemporary or even urban repertoire, I use the accordion in my compositions, as an electronic machine so that it becomes a generator of sounds or percussion that is merged with electronics.”


The accordion refers to a rich and particular symbolism, capable of unconscious sonorous reminiscences.

Through different scenes, Musette Fort's music evolves as if one were contemplating a film with an unexpected and fantastic theatricality; plunging the spectator into a dreamlike and singular universe.

This show was created in May 2021 at the Méca (Bordeaux) as part of a residency supported by the OARA (Artistic Office of the New Aquitaine Region)

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