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Music as an elastic space-time, which is transformable and in motion, where sound events occur without intention, in the moment. 


An immersion in an elsewhere, which gives us the palpable sensation of having escaped, for a moment, from the inevitably chanted time of reality.

The HORS LAPS company was created in 2011. Today it brings together approximately thirty artists, most of whom come from the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region in France. They are committed to the development of category-defying music around the propositions of its artistic director Claire Bergerault.


OUT LAPSE as in out of time. Music exists as a duration, a given lapse of time, this provides the framework in which everything can happen.

It is our relationship to the sensory perception of time that is put to question and proposed in each of HORS LAPS creations. It is through the prism of the experimentation of new forms of writing and improvised music that Claire Bergerault has also chosen to conduct her research. 


The particularity of HORS LAPS productions is defined by a pronounced taste for large-scale and non-standard projects: the 100 non-accordionists, Le Lobe (an orchestra for 23 musicians), MUNE liturgical or electric organ duet with Jean-Luc Guionnet, DUAL woodwind & voice duet with Christophe Macé, voice-accordion solo(s) and a creation in 2022 of concerts for one person in a confessional for voice and electronics.


Thanks to its numerous collaborations with multidisciplinary artists (visual arts - literature - dance), HORS LAPS moves between concerts to see and shows to hear.


Claire Bergerault
Artistic Director

The company Hors Laps is supported by:

The DRAC Nouvelle-Aquitaine under the title of organizational support.

The Maison de la Musique contemporaine.

The CNM as a support for creation, production and diffusion. 

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