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Dual, duo, duel, 

a humid meadow, at dawn, and incomplete in its mists.

Marquises throw their lives into it.

Equipped with their only instruments, for the one, the voice, the flute and the accordion, and for the other, wood, the body, and adhesive tape, Claire Bergerault and Christophe Macé frantically link the facets of their duet. It is each time renewed by the attentive relation that they carry to the performance venue. 

Similar to the way they met, they go from the incongruous to the serious, from flashiness to sensuality, until sometimes bordering on the limits of surrealism.

Assured of the strong confidence they share in each other, they alternate sequences and tableaux in which sounds and materials collide or mingle, ignoring styles and categories.

We can also see their joyful desire to expose themselves, to explore their own practice, but also and above all to find a common ground, however improbable.

DUAL is a show with variable geometry. It is composed of autonomous sequences that bring into play the same corpus (sound/visual art) but in a different relationship. Each sequence is characterized by specific connections, which draw from different registers

and different needs (walls, darkness, space, scenic lighting, element of architecture, found objects, etc...)

This autonomy by block is also that which constitutes the content of the final composition: for each performance space, the order of the sequences and their duration can change. 

Short forms are therefore possible, and outdoor performances are also possible.


CHRISTOPHE MACÉ : wood, performance.

CLAIRE BERGERAULT : voice, flute, accordion.

Duration of the performance: 35 mn

Preferred locations:

Any place with walls on which the ephemeral sculptures made of adhesive tape,

wood or light can be deployed.

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